Afrosol was born from the up-cycling of a rain umbrella that had come to the end of its useful life, as its owner, Claire, was moving from a cold and rainy climate to a sunny hot one. The material was stripped from its frame and the process of decorating it with a range of fun fabrics and beads began. Following this, the idea that a parasol could be locally made and crafted emerged. Working with a Zimbabwean wire artist living in South Africa, the structure and mechanics of the Parasol were developed. A local fashion talent created the pattern for the shade and from there the samples began.

Claire is an artist who works across many media including mural painting, film and creative facilitation. It has been a joy to see Afrosol come to life after 3 years of development alongside some fantastic people who have been instrumental in the process. Claire wishes to see Afrosol grow and develop into not only a thriving business but an effective channel to set up creative community projects using wire and fabric in a variety of products.

Lynne is a designer with a background in three dimensional design. Her work experience has mainly been in Point of Sale advertising, working initially in a sample department, gaining valuable knowledge of materials and processes and then as a designer in the same field, creative director and later a business partner. Her involvement in Afrosol revolves around a passion to see an amazing product launch onto the market and to empower and grow both present and future employees.

Claire and Lynne have worked together to bring Afrosol into being. They have good complimentary skills when it comes to design and production and have been practicing working together since they were best friends at age 12!