Afrosol Vision

Afrosol is a business grounded in a clear desire to produce high quality, functional and visually inspiring sun umbrellas so that many can have the joy of being out and about in the sun whilst being kept shaded and cool and at a later stage hopefully UV protected too.

Afrosol is a craft product that has been through a process of development in which many have used their unique skill and talent to add to its success. As a business, Afrosol encourages each person involved to be inspired and do what they do to the best of their abilities so that each umbrella radiates passion and showcases individual skill.

As a product, Afrosol combines craft, design and function, creating a uniquely South African design. The product has been tested over a period of about 4 months and has proved itself strong, durable and sturdy, even in windy conditions. The benefit from a social aspect is being able to act as an “umbrella” project, growing other small businesses. We hope to work across different communities, partnering with both growing and established networks.

In the future Afrosol would like to develop a multitude of ranges. These ranges can be divided into 3 main themes: Creative, Eco-Aware and Community based.

On the creative front we see Afrosol as a new canvas which can be splashed with the genius of many visual artists stretching from hand painted to printed fabrics.

Our Eco-Aware range will reinforce an environmental understanding of moving forward sustainably, experimenting with fabrics made from materials such as organic cottons, bamboo and hemp.

With an abundance of fabric off cuts we have the opportunity to create many new products continuing the theme of wire and fabric. These products would come out of community craft projects and workshop processes. Products include T shirt and clothing embellishment, cushions, hot boxes, bunting flags and jewellery.